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Popps Packing Artist Residency

I spent October 2021 as an Artist in Residence at Popps Packing in Hamtramck, Michigan, USA. Popps Packing was built in the 1930’s as a meat packing plant, and later became a cookie factory followed by a t-shirt hub before being reborn as an arts venue. The building straddles the northern Hamtramck / Detroit border. Hamtramck is a dense, 2.1 square mile, culturally diverse city within a city almost entirely surrounded by Detroit. Visit their website and learn more about Popps Packing!


During the residency I created an installation in the Popps studio. Using a combination of new, reclaimed, and recycled materials sourced from around Hamtramck and Detroit, I built a structure for viewers to enter and experience. The raised nook provided seating, lighting, and altered viewpoints of the studio room. Echoing the particular quarks and architecture of the Popps Studio, the installation invites viewers to experience the space in a new way.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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